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Donating to the Museum

We would love to hear from you should you think you may have material for the museum! Feel free to connect with us and we would be happy to start a conversation. If your material does not suit our collection, not to worry. Your materials might be better suited to another collection and would be happy to assist you in making that connection.

The Barker Veterinary Museum has been built on generous donations from alumni and their families, faculty, staff and students, as well as members of the wider community. In this way, the Barker Veterinary Museum is able to collect, preserve, document and share the history of veterinary medicine in Canada.

The museum continues to build its collections in the form of objects, photographs, printed and digital material related to the the history of veterinary medicine in Canada. The story of veterinary medicine told through each piece in the museum’s collections is critical. As much as possible, the museum seeks to acquire objects and other materials that are have a story and documentation that come along with them and are in good condition.

Of interest is material related to the history of veterinary education in Canada, particularly at the Ontario Veterinary College, including student notes, photographs, and other ephemera. The practice of veterinary medicine in Canada such as instruments, pharmaceuticals, veterinary practice records, etc., are also of interest. Finally, any material related to the service of veterinarians in roles such as meat and other food inspection roles, public health and military service is also of interest for the museum’s holdings.