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Hitting the Books: Acknowledgements

Hitting the Books is an exhibit a long time in the making and is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of several individuals across the University of Guelph. This exhibit was possible because of the excellent work of Devon Sherwood and Emma Scott, two Experiential Learning students from the College of Arts. Their contributions to the exhibit as well as thoughtful discussions about the various works that make up the Cherry Collection provided excellent insights and perspective. In addition, the museum appreciates and is grateful for the support of the Ontario Veterinary College and donors to the museum for providing the resources to make exhibits like Hitting the Books possible.

Finally, this exhibit would not have happened at all had it not been for the late Jan Brett, Library Associate in Archival & Special Collections in the University of Guelph Library. The initial thoughts about this project started long ago, largely as a casual conversation about the F.C. Cherry Collection between the BVM’s curator, Lisa Cox, and Jan Brett. Jan’s interest in animals, animal history, and this unique collection spurred an investigation into the possible origins of the collection. She and Lisa later examined the works together and discussed various aspects of their history and the ways in which the collection may have found its way to the OVC’s library. The museum is indebted to her expertise and willingness to assist in the project.