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Observations Upon the Distemper of the Horn’d Cattle : Principally Respecting the Feeding Countries

Book #115: Observations upon the distemper of the horn’d cattle : principally respecting the feeding countries, by unknown (1751).

This fairly short work focuses on rinderpest, arguably the first global epizootic affecting cattle. Described in the 4th century by Roman writer Severus Sanctus Endelechius, its history may reach back even further.
Rinderpest became a problematic disease for continental Europe in the 18th century and a number of works such as Observations Upon the Distemper of the Horn’d Cattle appear in this period.

The author explores the various ways that rinderpest was thought to be spread in the 18th century. Further, there are observations and advice to farmers about prevention and what to do with diseased cattle, the value of cattle and the economic impact of the disease. Finally, the author explores the movement and trade of cattle and its influence on the spread of the disease.

For a comprehensive history of rinderpest, see:
Clive Spinage. Cattle Plague: A History (New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2012).

Explore a 1751 full-text version of this work here.