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The Experienced Farrier : or, Farring Compleated, in Two Books Physical and Chyrurgical, Being Pleasure to the Gentleman, and Profit to the Countrey-Man …, by E.R. (Gent)

Book #86: The experienced farrier : or, Farring compleated, in two books physical and chyrurgical, being pleasure to the gentleman, and profit to the countrey-man …, by E.R. (Gent) (1678).

While some authors of the works that make up the Cherry Collection were well-known in their time or left some kind of presence in archival sources, many did not. The 17th century author of The Experienced Farrier is one such individual. We only know him as “E.R.” and that he was a Gentleman (the “Gent” that follows his initials notes this). Presumably “E.R.” was a person of means who had the time and funds to produce The Experienced Farrier not only once, but in subsequent editions.

The The Experienced Farrier covers a wide variety of equine health and other matters including breeding, and instructions for handling stallions, mares and colts. In addition, the author provides a number of observations of different types of horses and their suitability for the military, travel, hunting, sport, and work. Finally, the work covers a broad range of health management issues such as feeding and stabling, as well as various types of injuries and illnesses and suggestions for their treatment including bleeding, suppositories and purging, among others.

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